Stochastic Processes at the Quantum Level
21st - 22nd October 2009



The meeting focuses on recent mathematical developments and applications of classical and non-commutative probability toward modelling the quantum world. There has been considerable interest amongst mathematicians in the quantum generalizations of open systems, statistics, stochastic processes, measurement and filtering theory, however, these pioneering endeavours are now finding direct application in emergent technologies based on the prospect of quantum control. We bring together experts in mathematical and theoretical physics to discuss topics in quantum stochastic processes, quantum filtering based optimal control and coherent control, quantum feedback networks, and quantum statistics and independence. We shall also address future challenges.


V.P. Belavkin (Nottingham University) TBA

Alex Belton (University of Lancaster) Quantum random walks.

John Gough (Aberystwyth University) Quantum Feedback Networks.

Rolf Gohm (Aberystwyth University) Non-commutative Markov chains and multi-analytic operators.

Madalin Guta (Nottingham University) Local asymptotic normality for quantum Markov chains.

Robin Hudson (Loughborough University) Unitary covariant bi-evolutions and causal structures.

Claus Köstler (Aberystwyth University) Exchangeability, braidability and quantum independence.

Mazyar Mirrahimi (SISYPHE – INRIA Rocquencourt) Feedback generation of quantum Fock states by discrete QND measures.

Hendra Nurdin (Australian National University, Canberra) Coherent-feedback formulation of a continuous quantum error correction protocol.

Andrew Neate (Swansea University) Hamilton Jacobi theory and the stochastic Burgers equation with vorticity.